You record it, we'll mix it

We offer professional quality mixing. Whether you’ve recorded at a studio with racks of expensive equipment or you’ve done it yourself at home, we can help you achieve a result you’re really happy with.

We understand that a huge number of musicians opt to record themselves at home, and we can work in partnership with you, bringing over 20 years of audio experience to get the absolute best from your recordings. We can even give you some tips on how to get the best quality recordings at home, which will help you to get a better end result.

We can help with production of your home recorded songs, add parts if desired, editing the recordings, vocal tuning, whatever is needed for you to be satisfied with the sound. We don’t put a limit on mix revisions, so we can make as many changes as needed for you to be totally happy.

mix examples

Some examples of remixes. 

MoucheJarvis Mix
MountainsJarvis Mix
MotorfingerJarvis Mix
5 YearsJarvis Mix


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