We are Home from Home Studio, a unique music production & mixing company based in

Hove & Shoreham, UK. We offer high quality audio mixing, remixes, production,

audio recording and also filmed audio recordings, creating a music video to go with your song.


We work with musicians from all around the world as location isn’t a limitation with most of what we offer, and we like to work closely with artists to help get them get the best from their music, and ensuring that they are really happy with the end result.


If you are recording with us, you can expect a relaxed and homely, inspiring environment. We aim for a creative atmosphere but without compromising on quality, to bring out the best in musicians and their music. When working remotely, we prioritise good communication, and keep working until you’re satisfied you have something you love!


Explore the site, listen to some of the musicians we've worked with and their testimonials,

and get in touch with any questions you may have!



“I’ve had nothing but compliments since releasing the video, and that is down to the highly professional standards they hold themselves to, in both disciplines. I can’t recommend them enough.”

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